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Secret Scrunch

3-Pack Velvet Mini Scrunchies

3-Pack Velvet Mini Scrunchies

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Customer Reviews

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Abigail Lerma
Love it!

I use it for work daily! I would highly recommend anyone to buy it! The colors are beautiful and my favorite!!


Excellent products . Love the case for scrunches .

Mandy Valentine
The best scrunchie out there

I love my scrunchies. I use the hidden Compartment for all my accessories. Genious!


Too big and bulky for my daughters hair.


I love them!

Secretly Stash Cash and Other Small Goodies with Secret Scrunch!

No Need For Bulky Purses: Going clubbing with the girls? Bulky bags are a burden when you’re trying to live your best life! With Secret Scrunch discrete technology, now you can keep small valuables (and your ponytail) secure while you dance the night away. Wave goodbye to heavy purses weighing down your smooth moves!

Cute, Conveniently Removable Bow: Having one of those “feeling cute, might delete later” days? Take a super cute selfie with the bow attached, or easily remove it for a sleek, elegant up-do. Sending the little one off to dance class? Make sure they’re prepared with a bowed-up ballet bun that will be the talk of the studio!

Matching Zipper Flawlessly Blends: Unsightly zippers ruin your otherwise flawless outfit, so we found the perfect solution! With our scrunchie's hidden compartment, your secret stash stays safe with a matching zipper and heavy velvet that won’t give you away. Prepare to shock your friends when you pull out your keys or a small trinket out of your hair elastic!

Includes Handy Reusable Pouch: Always losing hair bands in your seemingly endless gym bag? We know the scrunchie struggle! That’s why we’ve included a reusable pouch to save your precious ponytail holders from the clutches of couch cracks and bottomless bags. It’s perfect for keeping bobby pins and safety pins in one place, too!

Makes The Perfect Gift: Ladies of all ages love a good scrunchie! Impress even the pickiest gift recipient with stealthy velvet scrunchies that resourceful runners, trendy teens and everyone in between will absolutely love. Know an avid hiker or concert goer? Our thick hair ties are great for keeping adventure essentials at the ready or hiding a secret stash!

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    Secret Scrunch is designed with you in mind! We took the time to make sure all our products are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials. 


    We want to remind you that you are a strong, confident individual that is capable of anything you put your mind to and always look amazing doing it! 


    We’ve received hundreds of positive reviews from our customers that have become part of the #secretscrunchfam. Join our community today!