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I want Secret Scrunch to inspire women that they can do whatever they put their mind to and embrace who they are while looking amazing doing it! We can all be entrepreneurs together and build each other up, and I hope you will be a part of this community we're creating here. Thanks for supporting me and my small business!

Why Secret Scrunch?

Matching Zipper Pocket

Unsightly zippers ruin your otherwise flawless outfit, so we found the perfect solution! With our scrunchies hidden compartment, your secret stash stays safe with a matching zipper that won’t give you away. Prepare to shock your friends when you pull out your keys or a small trinket out of your hair elastic!

Brilliantly Designed

Secret Scrunch is designed with you in mind! We took the time to make sure our scrunchies are made with the highest quality. All of the scrunchies' zippers match the color of the scrunchie and the removable bow on our minis gives you another outfit option.