meet the founder
lauren umamoto

I'm Lauren the face behind (and in front of) Secret Scrunch! When I'm not 35,000 ft in the air as a flight attendant or working on my business I'm at the park with my wiener dog, Frank, or relieving stress boxing or cycling at the gym.


The idea of Secret Scrunch came to me on a work overnight when I went to a hotel gym. I just wanted to bring the essentials: room key, headphones and a hair tie. I thought, "wouldn’t it be nice to not have to bring a purse to the gym, or explore the town?"

The pandemic hit shortly after my bright idea, so I was left with lots of time on my hands. After a few months of talking to suppliers, perfecting all the details and telling myself to just do it, Secret Scrunch began September 2020 and it's been quite the journey since. I never imagined starting or owning my own business, but my love for entrepreneurship has grown so strong.


To inspire others to explore and enjoy everything the world has to offer. We want to be a positive light that reminds others that they're strong, confident individuals that can do anything they put their mind to and look amazing doing it!