Scrunchie Club - Monthly Subscription
Scrunchie Club - Monthly Subscription
Scrunchie Club - Monthly Subscription
Scrunchie Club - Monthly Subscription
Scrunchie Club - Monthly Subscription

Scrunchie Club - Monthly Subscription

Regular price Billed once a month for $30 + FREE shipping

Sounds great! How does it work?
Each month, we'll send you 3 hair accessories (up to a $47 value). Contents range from oversized pocket scrunchies, mini pocket scrunchies, hair claws! Plus, you'll be the first to receive new items!

Can't wait! Why should I sign up?
We want as many women as possible to soar high with confidence when rocking Secret Scrunch accessories so we made it as affordable as possible. 
You'll save money when subscribing with free shipping and discounted products. The best part is you'll be able to enjoy new hair accessories every month. 

What about canceling?
We have a good feeling that you’ll love the Scrunchie Club! But if you ever want to cancel, you can do so at any time.

Is it more affordable to subscribe?
Absolutely, it's actually our most affordable option. The items are discounted and never have to pay for shipping.

Will I get to decide what is included in my monthly subscription?
Our team will pick out 3 of our amazing hair accessories that we know you'll love!

You will be billed once a month for $30 + FREE shipping

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Brandee Simons
Best Gifts for the woman with long hair

If you have medium to long hair , this is the package to get , it has big bold scrunchies as well as the littler scrunchies for half up doo's. This is an amazing deal that keeps on giving. I love the fact that it has the little hide away area great for small jewelry and / or money to stow away when needed. Highly recommend this package.

Kathryn Fitzgerald
I absolutely love secret scrunch!!!

Secret scrunch was soft to the touch and was big enough to fit all of my hair comfortably. It was easy to pull out at the end of the night and did not cause breakage or damage. I also loved the secret compartment it was perfect for storing midols and feminine essentials. Thank you secret scrunch!

Grace Watson
Great color and love the material

Far surpass my expectations! I fell in love with the soft ribbed velvet on the website and it is fantastic. The pocket is perfect on the oversize scrunchie and it arrived quickly. Would definitely order again!

Janina Lebron
The best!

Love them! They make every outfit better!

Victoria Keith
Love it

My goal is to eventually have all of them because I love them so much!!!!

Why Secret Scrunch?

Matching Zipper Pocket

Unsightly zippers ruin your otherwise flawless outfit, so we found the perfect solution! With our scrunchies hidden compartment, your secret stash stays safe with a matching zipper and heavy velvet that won’t give you away. Prepare to shock your friends when you pull out your keys or a small trinket out of your hair elastic!

Removable Bow

Having one of those “feeling cute, might delete later” days? Take a super cute selfie with the bow attached, or easily remove it for a sleek, elegant up-do. Sending the little one off to dance class? Make sure they’re prepared with a bowed-up ballet bun that will be the talk of the studio!

Brilliantly Designed

Secret Scrunch is designed with you in mind! We took the time to make sure our scrunchies are made with the highest quality. The zippers match the color of the scrunchie, the removable bow gives you another outfit option, and the reusable bag helps cut down on waste.

Thanks for your Support

You're supporting a small business and a dream when purchasing from Secret Scrunch. We can not thank you enough for becoming apart of our family.