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SEA, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

This PNW blue was inspired by the thousands of lakes in Washington. Whether you're cheering on your favorite football team, or at Pike Place Market picking up a fresh flowers, this scrunchie will keep your cash close to pay for your half time snacks or full bouquet of tulips.  

This blue mini scrunchie is made of super soft velvet. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carolyn Barber
The cutest of the cute!!

These scrunchies are absolutely the most fun! They're cute, stylish and hold the hair up well -- especially if you have a lot of it!!

Michelle N

Got these as gifts and for travel. They are adorable as scrunchies on their own--pocket is a bonus!

Very well made

These scrunchies are so cute and well made

Why Secret Scrunch?

Matching Zipper Pocket

Unsightly zippers ruin your otherwise flawless outfit, so we found the perfect solution! With our scrunchies hidden compartment, your secret stash stays safe with a matching zipper and heavy velvet that won’t give you away. Prepare to shock your friends when you pull out your keys or a small trinket out of your hair elastic!

Removable Bow

Having one of those “feeling cute, might delete later” days? Take a super cute selfie with the bow attached, or easily remove it for a sleek, elegant up-do. Sending the little one off to dance class? Make sure they’re prepared with a bowed-up ballet bun that will be the talk of the studio!

Brilliantly Designed

Secret Scrunch is designed with you in mind! We took the time to make sure our scrunchies are made with the highest quality. The zippers match the color of the scrunchie, the removable bow gives you another outfit option, and the reusable bag helps cut down on waste.

Thanks for your Support

You're supporting a small business and a dream when purchasing from Secret Scrunch. We can not thank you enough for becoming apart of our family.